Supply Chain Tendering

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Ensuring cost control is an essential aspect of a successful business. A key indicators of business success is profitability so it’s imperative that you consider the different opportunities available to reduce your firm’s overall costs. Tendering is a highly effective way of reducing a businesses costs

Magnium Group has developed sophisticated tendering management systems, whether you are tendering for ongoing supply for your operations (consumables or inputs for your daily operations) or one-off supply (capital purchases). Our processes identify opportunities for savings, and create competition and competitive tension amongst your suppliers to ensure you're getting the most out of every dollar.

Key aspects of tender process:

  • Identify Saving Opportunity
  • Scope the Tenders
  • Release the Tender to Market
  • Negotiate an agreement for supply
  • Implement Supply Agreement
  • Supplier Management
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Asking the right questions

When reviewing your business, fundamentally, we ask simple questions to identify opportunities for savings and assess the suitability of implementation. This allows us to determine the most suitable strategies we can put in place to realise those benefits.Asking these questions gives us the direction we require to develop a comprehensive plan for tendering in the most effective areas and developing a supply chain plan for the financial benefit of your business.

  • Who are your biggest suppliers?
  • What "area of spend" is your largest cost
  • Do you have areas of spend which are low hanging fruit (easy to change, large impact)?
  • What strategies can we put in place to create competitive tension with your biggest suppliers and in your largest areas of spend?
  • Do you have any particular areas of focus currently in your business?