Supply Chain

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Supply chain

We review your costs and supply chain practices, looking for high spend areas and areas of strategic importance to your business. Using the information procured, we then work to develop a procurement plan to implement into your business. We have several approaches to procurement and will develop a strategy that is suitable for your business and its unique circumstances.

There are two ways to increase the profitability of your business: either gain more income or reduce your operating costs. Having a strong supply chain strategy ensures that your business is getting the most from every dollar spent.

We develop a supply chain strategy that’s tailored to your business and plot out how we can get the best value for your business. We then tender and negotiate supply agreements and contracts with suppliers to meet your business’s needs and requirements and improve your overall financial performance.

Effective supply chain management promotes the flow of products to customers, ensuring a continual supply and promoting sales and overall cash flow.

As an example, a boiler making business which spends $550,000 on an input material such as steel yearly, and has a gross yearly profit of $200,000 for the business, through a 10% saving on steel could see their profit increase to $255,000, approximately a 28% increase in profit .

  • Tailored assessment of your supply chain
  • Comprehensive report of improvement opportunities
  • Upfront proposal for cost of implementation
  • Options for positive cash flow from day one
  • Greater control of business inputs and outputs
  • Accountability for your suppliers, measurement of performance