Customer Tendering

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Customer Tenders

The Magnium Group has significant industry data and baselines to assist our customers in producing high-quality, competitive tender submissions, coupled with our experience in the preparation of supplier tenders and the associated processes. Thanks to our experience with implementing business systems and supply chain systems, we can assist with both the preparation of tenders and the associated business plans and processes to support your business through the execution of the subsequent works

Tendering is a cost-effective way to generate a baseline of income for your business, as well as develop relationships with businesses that you’ve not had dealings with previously.

Completing major works or contracts for a business via a tender allows your business to develop a reputation as being skills and qualified in the area of expertise required for the works. However, it’s crucial you understand what you are signing up for when tendering, including the costs involved and the best business plan strategies to ensure that you can deliver

We develop the systems and policies required when tendering to large organisations. For governance and sustainability requirements, larger businesses generally require comprehensive policies in key areas, such as anti-corruption and modern slavery, to ensure that your tender has all the essential parts required by large firms.

We specialise in:

  • Tender submission development
  • Identification of sustainability metrics for inclusion in tenders
  • Contract terms negotiation
  • Quantifying of required input and resources associated with the delivery of tendered works
  • Identification of opportunities for your business based on open market tenders
  • System development to ensure that your business has the framework to deliver on its promises (made during the tender)
  • Risk assessments and management associated with any incumbent risks associated with the proposed works or contract – who is carrying which risks, and how does your business account and manage those risks?