Contracts and Procurement

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Contracts and Procurement

We have experience contracts specialists who can act as your agent during contract negotiation and implementation.

We can advise you on model contracts for your supply chain or tendering activities, including pro-consumer or pro-supplier contracts. Furthermore, we have partnerships with specialist lawyers who work with our clients and us to ensure contracts are developed on a sound legal footing while maintaining the operational objectives you need. We approach any contract negotiation from a practical perspective and limit the lawyer’s involvement to the legal questions only.

This ensures that the contracts are legally sound while remaining practical to implement in your business’s operations. We have specialists with years of experience negotiating contract terms and mechanisms while keeping strong attention to detail and ensuring that practically the contract you are working towards either from a customer or supplier perspective.

We strategically tie our model contracts into our procurement and supply chain processes, ensuring that when a procurement process, such as tender or negotiation is undertaken, you have the right strategic model contracts available to you, and the level of support required to implement them. We work to ensure that you get an appropriately written contract, which you can use to hold your suppliers accountable throughout the contracts life cycle.

  • Contracts with KPIs
  • Model Contracts for Procurement Initiatives
  • Cohesively work with legal department
  • Ensure the contract is written practically and can be operationally implemented
  • Hold suppliers accountable
  • Have robust rights under contracts for supplier non-conformance