Advisory and Planning

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Advisory & Planning

We offer practical advisory services, with specialists in asset management and inventory planning. This can be undertaken in tandem with any other supply chain advancements, growth, or tendering services, and allows your business to develop a synchronised strategy for key areas of development.

For example, if we are assisting in the submission of a tender of works, we can also develop an inventory model to ensure you have the spare parts and consumables at optimal levels to support those works. This also has the advantage of demonstrating to your business partners and prospective clients that your business has the sophistication needed to deliver on your promises for prospective works

We have experience with asset management tools such as:

  • AMT by RPM Global
  • Pulse Mining by Pulse Mining Systems
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Attaché Software
  • Pronto Software
  • SAP
  • Baseplan
  • Workplace Purchasing